JULY 2021

Armed with a question sheet, we set off in small groups at timed intervals on a scavenger hunt around our local area. We were given detailed directions and we needed to keep our eyes opened to find the answers to the clues. Some of the clues were easy, others, less so. It was a great way of discovering interesting features that some of us had no idea existed such as a green area being the site of a Roman villa. As well as answering clues, we had to find some items such as a beer mat. A good reason to pop into the local pub, but sadly not enough time to enjoy a quick glass of wine. 

If you didn't follow the directions exactly it was easy to get lost, something that happened to our president's team. A search party to find them was nearly needed!!

Returning back to base at an open green space we sat and chatted, which after months of virtual meetings, it was just so lovely to do so again. Whilst chatting, the scores were totted up and the winners were announced and presented with some lovely commemorative stones.

A great evening that was really well organised thanks to some of our lovely committee members.